Birthday of Christmas tree

US President Barack Obama in early December in the White House south of the door lit "National Christmas tree". Now there is no Christmas tree is not called Christmas, the President lit the national Christmas tree is since 1923 the White House tradition, the Christmas tree tradition is not long before the emergence of this.

In the West, from the year 354 began on December 25 to celebrate Jesus' birthday, but in the early history of Europe almost can not find the records of the Christmas tree. American cultural historian Bennett Brenner said in his (the Christmas tree of invention) that the earliest records appeared in 1494, and the clerk of Strasbourg City recorded that the local custom was the time of the New Year to cut down the pine belt This is the time of the 16th century

A custom in today's German area spread widely, and even the threat of cutting the forest, so in 1554, Freiburg city banned cutting during the Christmas pine.

In the next three or four hundred years time in the Christmas tree only in Germany, not even the whole of Germany are cut down the Christmas tree. Now the English tree in the text of the word Tannenbaum in German is the meaning of a very tree. Later, people put the Christmas tree and religious reformer Martin Luther together. So many Catholics were very disgusted with the Christmas tree. In the late 19th century, many people even called Christianity as a tree of religion: in the 1930s, the Vatican chose to replace the Christmas tree with the birth of Christ in the manger.

In the mid-19th century, the tradition of the Christmas tree began to spread from Germany, because the German-born prince Albert later became the king of England, so the Christmas tree came to England, even if the royal family took the lead in the Christmas tree in the UK or a fresh stuff. Derek Charles Dickens specializes in writing articles Pretty German beautiful toys - Christmas tree, up and down covered with sparkling little things before Dickens wrote a far-reaching ghost story "Christmas carol", which has continued in the local Kyle Tragic traditional holly, ivy and ghosts parasitic, but there is no trace of the Christmas tree.