Children's favorite Christmas

According to the Bible, the saints from the East presented gifts at the time of the birth of Jesus, and this was the origin of Santa's gift of gifts for children. British children on the eve of Christmas put socks on the fireplace, I believe Santa Claus from the big chimney down at night, to bring them full socks gift. French children put the shoes at the door, so that when the baby comes to the gift inside the shoe.

Christmas Dinner

Just as the Chinese people had the Spring Festival to eat the same dinner, Europe and the United States people are also very focused on the reunion of Christmas, sitting around the Christmas tree, a festival meal. Christmas dinner The practice of eating turkey began in 1620, turkey roasting process complex, delicious taste lasting, so that McDull children coveted. This custom is in the United States. British Christmas dinner is roast goose, not turkey. Austrians love Christmas Eve, the whole family about a group of friends and relatives to go to the restaurant to eat a Christmas dinner, which, turkey, turkey, burnt meat and pork legs is essential, accompanied by Wines, eat everyone happy to.