Christmas in the delicious food ----- turkey

At the traditional Christmas table, roast turkey is an indispensable dish. In some Asian countries, perhaps every year only Christmas day to eat turkeys to celebrate the holidays; but in Europe and the United States, especially the American continent, turkey is a very common kind of meat, and in Thanksgiving and Christmas A big day, turkey is the traditional food.

Turkey is an American specialty, before the Europeans to the Americas, has been acclimated by the Indians. The name of the turkey is called "Turkey" in English. Because the Europeans think it looks like a Turkish costume: blackhead red. Europeans like to eat roast goose. After immigrating to the Americas, there is no good goose has to eat geese requirements, so eat turkey, even found turkey better than the goose. And there are many turkeys in North America. So roasted turkey became American cuisine, essential festivals are essential.

This custom has been three hundred years of history, it is said that in the twelfth day of Christmas, a large number of immigrants from the United Kingdom arrived in the American continent of Prymouth Hill. At that time, where the property is poor, only the mountains of turkey, so they will catch the turkey, as the festive entrees.