Classification of artificial Christmas trees

1, according to the height of the tree points

Most of the tree height between 1.0 ~ 2.5m, less than 1m called small tree, greater than 2. 5m is called large tree.

2, according to the structure and the use of the way points

It is divided into two kinds of loading tree and automatic tree. The characteristics of the loading tree are to separate the finished tree branches from the tree and the base, and the user can use the control book to install the branches themselves. The advantage is that the packing box can be reduced The volume of the tree; automatic tree is a hinge connection will be all the branches and trees for the activities of the connection, the user as long as the tree erected, all levels of branches under the action of gravity will automatically scattered positioning, the advantage is easy to use The

3, according to the additional performance of the tree points

At present, the main can be divided into: pure tree, light tree and fiber tree 3, pure tree is no light, electricity and other functions of the traditional Christmas tree, the largest number, the tree is a variety of holiday lights and tree design portfolio , And fiber optic tree is the combination of light source and plastic fiber design in the tree, light tree and fiber tree is the product developed in recent years, the number of which is growing trend.

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