Create a simple Christmas atmosphere

A person's Christmas heart is a comfortable corner

A man who has had Christmas, sounds like a bit miserable, but who will enjoy life will take every holiday seriously, even if only one person. Buy a comfortable sofa, nest in the most comfortable corner of the room, so that Christmas has become a beautiful night background, Christmas tree, long socks, red wine, candles, music is a happy reason. Arrangement of this corner, the most important thing is comfortable and happy, because it is a place to enjoy personal style.

Two people just have a simple bar for Christmas

Two people of Christmas, the party is more intimate than the fun of the holidays, the construction of a temporary bar the most in line with this atmosphere. In this space, the head can be so close to the infinite, the wine can drink infinitely, the topic can be unlimited privacy, and the bar will make people keep a sober posture. If there is a bar at home, there is a good, open bottle of wine on it; if not, the layout of a bar is not as difficult as imagined, just need to find a place - the table, the desk is okay, covered with a piece of festive Cloth, put on the atmosphere of the small jewelry and personality full of wine on it.