Everyday Christmas knowledge

France France central color of the place, every day before and after Christmas will drop snow, snow-capped, fresh. In the eyes of Westerners, white Christmas is a good fortune. In France, manger is the most distinctive Christmas sign, because it is believed that Jesus was born in the manger next to the manger. After the celebration of Jesus' Christmas songs, people must have a drink, champagne and brandy are traditional French Christmas wines.

Finnish Finland in December before and after Christmas, the mountains and plains are blooming violet, set off in the white earth, looking to a purple, purple Christmas people relaxed and happy.

British and German British and German, like Christmas, drink beer, eat roast goose, they prefer to use Christmas holidays to travel.

American Americans spend Christmas on family furnishings, place Christmas trees, stuffed in socks, eat turkey-based Christmas dishes, and hold family dances.

Swiss Swiss four weeks before Christmas, will be four giant candles lit, placed in a branch by the branches of the ring, a weekly point, when the first four lights, the Christmas arrived.