The Holy Bible of Western - Christmas

The name "Christmas" is the abbreviation of "Christ Mass". Mass is a kind of liturgy of the church. Christmas is a religious festival. We celebrated it as the birth of Jesus, and therefore the name of the Christmas. On this day, all Christian churches in the world hold special liturgy. But there are many Christmas celebrations and religion is not the slightest correlation. Exchange gifts, send Christmas cards, which make Christmas a day of celebration.

Christmas is the largest festival in the Christian world. At the beginning of the fourth century, on 6 January, the churches in the eastern part of the Roman Empire commemorated the double births of the birth and baptism, called Epiphany, also known as "showings" that God showed himself through the world. There was only the exception of the church of Lala, where only the birth of Jesus was not commemorated the baptism of the man. Later, historians found in the calendar used by Roman Christians in the December 25, 354 document: "Christ was born in Bethlehem, Judah." After research, it is generally believed that December 25 with Christmas may begin In the year 336, the Roman churches came to Azerbaijan in 375 AD and passed to Alexandria in Egypt in the year 430. The Christmas of that road was commemorated on December 25 The birth of Jesus, but the real birth date no one knows. The nineteenth century, the popularity of Christmas cards, the emergence of Santa Claus, Christmas also began to pop up.