Artificial Christmas Tree Design Elements And Precautions

 The base design must take into account the strength and stability of the base with electrical appliances must also consider insulation, heat and other safety performance; from the strength and cost considerations, generally less than 1. 5m tree base plastic injection molding, and large dry 2. 5m tree base are metal stamping and welding molding, the main factor affecting the strength of the base is the weight of the tree and the use of the environment; stability requirements and test method is the whole tree installed with the level of 12. Angle of the oblique and on, in 360. And the factors that affect the stability of the base are the height and diameter of the tree; it is important to note that the material used for the base must be flame retardant or self-extinguishing; in addition, for the Separate sales of light boxes or fiber-optic tree base with electrical equipment, but also through the import country provides the relevant safety testing or certification.