How Is The Christmas Tree Simple To Decorate?

★ Christmas tree

This is the main ornament of Christmas, and then to the Christmas tree covered with colorful lanterns, gifts and paper flowers, the home of the Christmas atmosphere immediately appeared out.

★ tree top star 

Tree star is inserted in the Christmas tree on a star, like a Christmas tree crown, with the top of the tree dress, wearing a "crown" of the Christmas tree will be quite somewhat cents. Some of the top of the tree can also be charged light, flashing very eye-catching.

★ puppet

In the dress of the gorgeous Christmas tree branches hanging on a beautiful little Christmas puppet, let the children put it down.

★ snowflakes

After the green Christmas tree is covered with ornaments of various colors, you will still feel like something less. Yes, it is white snowflakes. At the same time you can buy some big snow hanging on the roof, you can enjoy the snow in the room feeling.