Is The Christmas Tree Burning Or Speculation?

Yesterday morning, at the entrance of the Optical Valley World City Square, a Christmas tree suspected of short circuit suddenly spontaneous combustion, rolling smoke scared the surrounding residents.

Yesterday around 12:30, at the scene to see a high about six or seven meters of the Christmas tree was burned only iron shelf. Under the tree, a few gypsum made of deer was smoked Quhe black, next to the scattered with some of the Christmas tree ribbon and gifts. At the scene, more than 10 security and firefighters are cleaning up and putting the burnt Christmas tree down.

A cleaner said that around 11:40 am, the Christmas tree suddenly burned from the top of their own, has been burning to the bottom, smoke jump up more than 20 meters high.

After the fire, the firefighters of the mall arrived quickly, about 10 minutes to extinguish the fire. A firefighter said the fire and cable short circuit, not the so-called "speculation", this Christmas tree just placed more than a week.

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