What Are The Decorative Forms Of The Christmas Tree Of Each Country?

In Sweden, traditionally companies will invite employees to attend a Christmas lunch (julbord or jullunch) one week before Christmas. In order to prevent possible food poisoning during Christmas, the Swedish newspaper traditionally spared no effort to make some laboratory tests related to reports that warned the public about cold meat and mayonnaise. Do not put these things at room temperature to prevent deterioration. Christmas in any place in Sweden are to enjoy the food season, Christmas feast on the focus or to bake ham, but which day to enjoy it in different places but also different. But in Sweden there is a convention, that is, Christmas Eve that day is December 24 at 3 pm on time to watch Disney's special program.

  Norway's Christmas dinner will be held on December 24th. All regions of Norway have their own specific food for Christmas dinner, then "Julenissen" (jule is the meaning of Christmas, nissen is the legend of the Norwegian legend) will bring a gift to the performance Good kid. After a quiet reunion with the family on December 25, there will be another big celebration in the future, and children will be treated by housekeeper in the neighborhood at this time. Joulupukki (or Christmas goat) is the Finnish version of Santa Claus. He sat in the reindeer's sleigh to send a gift to the good boy.

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