Why Chinese Goverment Take Action To Protect Environment

From June,27 ,2017 untill now,chinese  goverment pay much attention to protect  environment.

in zhejiang province, goverment  have close  many  factories which produce  cups, pots, coating film ,hardware and some small  family workshop.

most factory can run ,but some are forbid.goverment ask these factory to change their working way ,install the  environmental protection facilities. once  after checking the working level is ok,then  start  production.

Most factory think this is a good way to protect our air,then we  can see the blue sky .

but  some person says they need to live,they need make money .no money how to live in the world ?

this is a difficulties for goverment,how to keep the economic development and  stop pollution .

anyway these days our factory is allow to run the business .

Yongkang hongqing crafts & arts factory  main business ranges is tinsel crafts, festival and christmas tinsel decoration.

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